In early 2020 my brother and I set out out to leave our mark on the world with this project. Our goal was to create educated artwork that left room for interpretation so that everyone can develop their own perception of the pieces. We named it MAUD after the brown-ish color on the background of this website because it fit our enigmatic aesthetic. Ultimately, the project was conceptualized to serve those who choose to stand out and be different.

Where most brands try to avoid inconsistencies in their prints, we purposefully try to make them happen. These are differentiating details to one of a kind pieces rather than mistakes. Our brand is unique, the people that rock our brand are unique and so the garments should all be unique as well. While other people may have ordered the same piece as yours, no one will ever own one identical to yours.

Our craziest, most experimental and most unique projects are released in the Maud Fun House. All of these pieces are very limited and conceptual in nature. 50 random orders every month come with a black label and a fun house access code.